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Google and Tencent ink patent agreement | Crunch Report (Sa, 20 Jan 2018)
Google inks a patent deal with Tencent, Tile lays off 30 people and Apple hires the tech team from Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS). All this on Crunch Report.
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Amazon reveals 20 finalists for second HQ | Crunch Report (Fr, 19 Jan 2018)
The 20 finalist cities for Amazon's second HQ are announced, HuffPost drops its free contributor platform and Uber's SoftBank deal officially closes. All this on Crunch Report.
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Apple’s enterprise evolution (Sa, 20 Jan 2018)
 Back in 2010, Apple’s iconic co-founder Steve Jobs was not entirely enthralled with the enterprise. In fact, Jobs is famously quoted as saying, “What I love about the consumer market, that I always hated about the enterprise market, is that we come up with a product, we try to tell everybody about it, and every person votes for themselves.” Read More
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Scammers are cashing in on Telegram’s upcoming ICO (Sa, 20 Jan 2018)
 Desperate for an opportunity to jump aboard in the next big thing, cryptocurrency owners are losing money by investing blindly in fake Telegram ICO websites. Chat app Telegram’s upcoming ICO promises to break records with a target raise of $1.2 billion, which may be extended to $2 billion according to new reports. The public sale component isn’t scheduled to launch until March,… Read More
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